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About embedeo.com

EMBEDEO Ltd. offers vendor-independent consulting services, as well as development services, on freelance basis. We focus on embedded systems, and we know it is not an easy matter, so we tend to obey simple rules. Some of these rules are: Upcoming challenges are fairly estimated by means of difficulties. If a challenge appears bigger than our enthusiasm we do not take the task. New freelancers are being attracted only by internal reference, and further approval by supervision. Every task is bound by more than 25% of the total efforts, spent exactly on validation and test. Automated tests are preferred. Validation activities are fixed in the time schedule along with modular design. Technical specification is created at early design phase, and it is updated before each validation step.

We benefit from highly talented and skilled professionals mainly in Bulgaria.

Writing articles for embedeo.com does not require membership. We publish articles and ideas from 3rd parties if they appear interesting for us.

You can mail your questions or comments to:
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