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Started content optimization of our websites.
Free resources and articles will be moved to 8051project.org with focus on 8051 microcontrollers, and embedeo.org with focus on all the other microcomtrollers and embedded systems in general.
Website embedeo.com will become more focused to our customers, our consulting and subcontracting services.

posted:2006.10.03, by Dimo Dimov
SMD marking codes uploaded on embedeo.com
It is possible to identify SMD electronic components by their marking codes. More...

Electronic Circuit Calculators and Unit Converters uploaded on embedeo.com
What resistor value shall be soldered parallel to a 560 ohm resistor in order to obtain 500 ohm equivalent resistance? Even if you remember the formula, it is better to use simple and fast tool to calculate the result. Additionally there are calculators and unit converters related to frequency and period, mils/inches and milimeters. More...

posted:2006.08.07, by Nedko Iliev
Bisection Method in Embedded Systems uploaded on embedeo.com
This article explains how to apply a bisection method in embedded systems, in order to avoid division of integer numbers. Included sample program in C, simulates calculation process and analysis of the error, demonstrating a tradeoff between precision and speed. More...

posted:2006.08.06, by Dimo Dimov
Microcontroller Suppliers' List uploaded on embedeo.com
This page lists all suppliers of embedded microcontrollers in alphabetical order. More...

Small Device C Compiler (SDCC) 2.6.0 released on 2006.07.31. See previous posting for details and links.

There is a new release of SDCC - free, open source, optimizing ANSI - C Compiler. The SDCC 2.6.0 Release Candidate 1 was announced on SDCC's website on 2006.07.12. SDCC supports the following targets: 8051, Maxim 80DS390, Zilog Z80. There is work in progress (still not complete) on supporting Motorola 68HC08, Microchip's PIC16 and PIC18 series.

Ramtron and Mouser entered distribution agreement (announced 2006.06.28). Following this statement it is now possible to see retail prices of the first microcontroller with on-chip FRAM. FRAM is as fast as traditional volatile memory (SRAM or DRAM) but it is non volatile, i.e. FRAM keeps its content when it is powered off. Ramtron's VRS51L3074 is 8051-based (fast, single cycle) microcontroller with 64KB Flash Program memory, 4352 Bytes of SRAM and 8192 Bytes of FRAM, priced $10.22 (1pc) or $8.74 (100pcs) at Mouser.

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